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Static Website

If you want to host a website that only uses client-side technologies (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and that does not require server-side technologies (such as PHP and ASP.NET), you can easily and inexpensively host the site on Zoomla Infotech. This type of site is sometimes referred to as a static website, and it is typically used to display reference material that does not change frequently, such as product manuals, informational sites, or documentation.

At Zoomla Infotech, we take pride in offering the static website services to our customers that are empowered by absolute skill and creativity which help them to elaborate their idea of business among the prospective buyers. Our Website Designing Company combines knowledge, expertise and talent of our working professionals and serve our clients a plethora of static designs that could provide them with great cutting edge visuals for their products and services.

If you require static website design, we have an expert static website design and development team to fulfill your all requirements. All of our static website design packages are designed and develped by our professional web designers and developers team.

How static website assist your business

Static website design company is primarily assisted your businesses and individuals who just want to place the information about their business or product on the website. It will be a great profitable package for them. A static website is basically an online booklet. These types of website are the most common and they are perfect for any business that requires a website to advertise their products and services. World Wide Web is most cost effective form of advertising with growing of Internet for the number of latent viewers.

Another roles of static design websites

Sometimes a company owner just wants to create a company contact website as an alternative method of point of contact for its existing clients without the wish to actively promote themselves on the World Wide Web. It isn't always easy for customers to contact business during normal office hours, thus a company contact website provides an excellent additional service to a business portfolio.

So if you want your business to discover new horizons, just move your step forward to us and we will satisfy you according to your designing needs.